QVIDEO 4K Video production

4K Ultra HD

Working with 4K footage especially in RAW format has some challenges for today's technology. You may shoot a few hours using high-end DSLR with full HD and even not reaching 100GB.

However when we use 4K cinema camera and start shooting in 4K RAW we have realize it will take around 9 minutes to fill a 0.5TB, to be exact 9 minutes requires 480GB storage. That is only on the storage side. When it comes to sharing the footage over the office network, editing, color-grading and compositing, ultra HD 4K footage requires special hardware and software.

The good news is now Qvideo adopted full workflow of working with cinematic 4K footage from capturing, storage, color grading to editing and compositing.

QVIDEO 4K Video production

Why Qvideo 4K?

We have established our 4K production from A-Z and now our clients can benefit from Qvideo 4K production at an affordable price. If you want to shoot your next corporate video, do it in 4K. Make it time proof for the next few years.

Imagine yourself watching Youtube in 480p, there is not much you can see, however if you change the resolution to 1080p the picture clarity will enhance and there will be more details to see. Well from 480p to 1080p you have just improved the quality around 2.5 times. Now imagine from 1080p to 4K the quality improves 4 times.

The HD corporate video that you shoot today, will look like old VHS, VCD in the next few years in terms of resolution. So plan ahead and make your corporate video a company asset that will last for years to come.

Qvideo 4K video production

Benefits of 4K downsampling to HD

Even if you need only HD quality for the time being, shooting in 4K and down sampling it to HD will make an astonishing quality that no native HD camera can shoot.

This technique is used in cinema production which normally the films are shot in the maximum quality for example 5K or even 8K and then it is down sampled to 4K, 2K or 1080p.

QVIDEO Video production


There are cheap cameras that claim to shoot 4K. What is the difference between Qvideo 4K and other 4K?

4K is just a resolution number (3840 x 2160). To put this in perspective, today almost all smartphones can shoot HD footage. But as you already know the quality will not be the same as professional cameras. Qvideo 4K is cinema quality and we use the same camera and expensive lenses that is used in some HollyWood productions today.

When I look at 4K footage, I don’t see much difference between 1080p and 4K?

This is probably because of your display resolution. If you watch the 4K movie on standard monitors or smartphones you will not see a visible difference. The difference will be immediately visible when displaying on a 4K TV or monitor.

Is the 4K trend like 3D trend which didn't pick up?

3D TV requires glasses to watch and there are lots of debate about the health issues of these glasses. Another fact is 3D although it is called 3D but it is more like an illusion and in video capture, there is not a real 3D information about the scene. However, the trend of moving to higher resolutions already is established for years. By 2017 it is said that many broadcasters will broadcast in 4K and it will become the mainstream standards in televisions. Currently, broadcasters and manufactures are researching on 8K which eventually will be the successor to 4K resolution.